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       Xiamen HOMKOM Automation Instrument Co. Ltd. with domestic colleges and institutes of cooperation, independent research and development based on automated instrumentation and non-ferrous metal materials such as high-tech products. The main products currently has developed a series of intelligent SBL target type flowmeter, mass flowmeter, electromagnetic flowmeter, HKC HKE, HKGB HKT, vortex flowmeter, turbine flowmeter LU-50 series flow totalizer products, used for the flow measurement and control of liquid, gas, steam. Coriolis mass flowmeter, capacitive target type flowmeter is Xiamen Macro Control Automation Instrument Co., Ltd. in 1993 of self-developed products. The design principle of the advanced variety specification is complete, convenient installation and use, stable performance, high ratio of performance to price and is welcomed by users, the application scope is more extensive, saving investment, for customers to improve production efficiency. Over the years, product improvement, the key raw materials, components, parts and components are imported, its performance, quality and advanced products, is in the leading position in the domestic. HKC series of Coriolis mass flowmeter diameter from 3mm to 200mm, SBL series capacitor and target type flowmeter diameter from 10mm to 6000mm, HKE electromagnetic flowmeter and HKGB vortex flow meter diameter is from 15mm to 3000mm, widely used in scientific research, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, power plant, water supply and drainage, papermaking, food, energy, oil warehousing, mineral development, municipal, textile printing and dyeing and environmental fields.
       R & D, production and sales of the company is committed to automation instrumentation, has a branch in flow measurement and control field has a team of experts experience. The company is equipped with a senior technical engineers and experienced technical staff, has the capacity according to the requirements of the users with high technology, high quality, high accuracy, applicability of the technical solutions and products. Through continuous efforts and innovation, with a professional team, excellent advanced manufacturing technology, scientific management system and strong R & D capability, the company has obtained ISO9001:2000 quality system certification. A strong professional team, accumulated rich technology and experience of management, marketing network and branch offices throughout the country, can fast, convenient for the user to provide technical services. In the Internet age wave, the company has established a special department of e-commerce, rely on the power of network technology and electronic commerce trade means, the implementation of the integration of the traditional economy and resources and a wide range of rapid market expansion.
       Companies adhere to the strict quality, reliable reputation, provide perfect quick after sale service for the business philosophy, advocating the pursuit of high-tech, high-quality for the purpose, has for many large enterprises and scientific research departments and key national institutions to provide test equipment. At the same time actively provide special automation control equipment for large, national defense industry, petroleum, chemical and other enterprises, has been widely praised.
       Xiamen HOMKOM Automation Instrument Co. Ltd. in line with "a leading, professional integrity," the entrepreneurial spirit, to high-quality products, preferential prices, excellent service and actively participate in market competition, dedication and all the friends, new and old customers sincere cooperation, create brilliant.